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Flyte Studios provides educators access to focused educational video games and tools for grades K-6 through the UnderstudyEdu platform. The UnderstudyEdu platform can tell you which students are at risk, which are excelling, and can even recommend potential in-class groups based on commitment to and success with educational content within the games and tools.

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At Flyte Studios, we understand that educators need support in the digital learning environment. With this in mind, we aim to make fun and engaging digital educational solutions that make sense for the classroom.

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Take control of game enhanced learning with Flyte Studios and our UnderstudyEdu platform.


UnderstudyEdu provides educators access to curriculum aligned video games and worksheets that can be embedded into their digital learning environments.

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Why using educational gaming is a good idea


percent of boys under 18 report playing video games regularly1


percent of girls under 18 report playing video games regularly1


BILLION hours, collectively, people spent playing video games per week.1


percent of 500 teachers surveyed said using educational video games increased student engagement 2


Students in University of Central Florida immersive educational video game research. Results showed 8.7 point increase for students using games to learn.3

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